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Tips to help you perfect your business signs in San Antonio

Signs in San Antonio need to be carefully designed to attract the attention of a target audience.

Signs in San Antonio need to be carefully designed to attract the attention of a target audience.

Walk down any busy commercial corridor and you’re bound to see countless San Antonio signs advertising local businesses. Unlike, say, internet advertisements, these signs and banners are intended to attract a local audience, which is a strategy that every business should implement.

“It is far easier to maximize revenue by targeting the same 4,000 to 5,000 households in my neighborhood on a monthly basis then blowing an entire year’s advertising budget by sending out flyers to nearly 200,000 households in my hometown,” a recent article in Small Business Trends reminded readers.

San Antonio signs certainly fall into that category of advertisements that target a smaller segment of your audience. In addition to that advice, that same blog also published the information that every business should include on new signs when they create them. 

Most of the following items are probably common sense, but there’s a few here that you might not have even considered:

- Phone number
- Address
- Specific call to action
- QR code
- Text code
- Website and email addresses.

This is a lot of information to include, so it’s important that some attention be paid to the layout and design of a sign. Elements like font size and spacing are just as crucial as the content you choose to include.

A San Antonio sign company with experience designing and printing visual communication mediums can make all the difference in the world for businesses with signage needs. You wouldn’t do your accounting in-house if you didn’t employ someone with a financial background, so why would you trust your sign design with anyone other than a professional?


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